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New Sensible Tuition Model… Same Inspiring Education

Boulder Valley Waldorf School pioneers a sensible tuition model with a bold commitment that:

  • Makes affordable tuition and inspiring education available for more families.
  • Is fiscally responsible for the school community.
  • Has all tuition going to your child’s education.
  • Has scholarships funded exclusively by donations.
  • Means budgeting is predictable for families.
  • invites healthy enrollment for a vibrant community.

Pre-school/Kindergarten, 3 days: (for 3 & 4 year olds)
$6,400 mornings  |  $7,200 full-days
Pre-school/Kindergarten, 5 days: (for 3 to 6 year olds)
$9,650 mornings  |  $10,850 full-days

1st–8th Grades:


“Financially speaking, we were on the fence about sending our second child to Boulder Valley. Now we can afford to send both of our children for practically the price of sending one!”

“I will be paying less tuition and donating more (tax deductible). I am pleased that my donation to the Scholarship Fund will make it possible for more students to get this great education! ”

“Last year we were accepting Tuition Assistance – this year we will be able to pay Full Tuition for both our children.”