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Imitation in the Waldorf Kindergarten

Author: Cindy Sudan Sunflower Garden Kindergarten Lead Teacher Young children love to imitate the adults around them.  Just pick up a broom and begin to sweep the floor, and if you happen to have small brooms around, only moments will pass before the little ones are...

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Learning Through Movement

Author: Katrina Pratt Movement and Games Teacher and StoryCamp Director I teach Movement and Games at Shepherd Valley Waldorf School. This has been an incredible privilege and an amazing opportunity. I went to school for anthropology with an emphasis in evolutionary...

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Mathematics in the Middle School

Author: Stan Sudan Current Sixth Grade Teacher and Pedagogical Chair Geometry is all around us.  It's in the air.  It's in the earth.  It's on the frozen ice on the windowpane when we look out upon a snowy winter day from the comfort of our cozy, shielded-from-the...

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Joy in the Parent-Child Classes

Author: Alice Trembour Parent-Child Sweet-Pea Teacher and Co-Director of Early Childhood Programs One of the hallmarks of Waldorf education is the establishment of rhythmic times of “freedom” and “form” throughout the day in each class, so the children develop a...

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The Magic Key: Healthy Movement through Practical Activities

Author: Cindy Sudan Pre-school and Kindergarten Teacher Babies’ accomplishments of finding their fingers and toes, rolling over and taking those first steps are just the beginning of a myriad of important developmental milestones in the course of their growth during...

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