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Events at Boulder Valley Waldorf School

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Grades Open House -Dec 14

For Elementary and Middle School: Meet with teachers, talk with parents, view student work, tour classrooms and the 38-acre campus. Arrive at 9am on Thursday 14th December. Families welcome to attend with children! RSVP to...

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Can Developing Your Child’s Imagination Enhance Future Academic and Life Success? For this Early Childhood Open House, bring your preschool or kindergarten aged child, have fun, and discover how the imagination becomes the foundation for reading comprehension, math...

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Lantern Walk for BVWS families Nov 10th

Boulder Valley Kindergarten children, younger grade children and parents participate in a Lantern Walk carrying handmade lanterns as they journey across our campus. As the sun sets earlier and rises later, the world grows darker and the inner light of humankind wants...

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Halloween Journey – Oct. 31

Halloween Journey The Boulder Valley campus is transformed into a magical world through which children and parents may travel. The individual presentations touch hearts with messages of wisdom and humor, and images of light that will live on through the cold and dark...

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Autumn Assembly – Sep 29th 2017

Friday September 29th at 9am  Everyone is invited to enjoy the Michaelmas Pageant and Celebration! Drop your child off for a regular school day, join us for coffee and tea and enjoy the celebration commencing at...

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Farm Fiesta 2017

The BVWS Farm Fiesta will be held on our beautiful campus on Saturday, September 23rd from 5:30-10:30 p.m.   The BVWS Farm Fiesta is the largest fundraising event of the year, as well as a terrifically fun party. We will have live music, a live auction, a Super Silent...

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