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Faculty and Staff

The Boulder Valley Waldorf School is proud to employ a dynamic and accomplished faculty that is deeply invested in student success. To learn more about each teacher, please click on the images below.

Jennifer Powell-Palmer

Lavender Lead Teacher
Jennifer considers herself a life-long learner, deeply interested in expanding the potential of our kindergarten programs to continue to meet the unique and ever-changing needs of our young friends.

Lisa Lombardi

Marigold Lead Teacher
As an early childhood educator, Lisa’s goal is to provide an atmosphere of loving warmth and guidance that promotes joy, wonder and reverence in our children.

Jamie Little

Bluebell Lead Teacher
Jamie brings with her a full circle of Waldorf experience, having attended Waldorf schools growing up. Not only has this experience shaped her philosophy, but also a childhood filled with laughter, art, and adventures outdoors with a family of artists, educators and cooks.

Rachel Nielsen

Sunflower Lead Teacher
As an early childhood educator, Rachel feels it is equally important to work with parents and provide them with the same nurturing, guidance, and warmth!

Mindy Upton

Parent-Child Lead Teacher
Mindy’s quest is to nurture and embrace the magic of the early childhood years with love and attention to each individual child.

Martina Simunek-Suarez

First Grade Teacher
Martina was first introduced to the Waldorf philosophy years ago by her cousin, who, just like Rudolf Steiner and Martina herself, grew up in a little town in Lower Austria. After a whirlwind year back in Europe teaching at the Freie Waldorfschule Wien West, Martina is back with some new ideas!

Stan Sudan

Second Grade Teacher
Stan teaches with a philosophy of recognizing each child’s earnest striving to be human despite the complex variables that attempt to stifle, redirect or outright subdue them.

Elizabeth Evans

Third Grade Teacher
Elizabeth’s experience with diverse groups of children has highlighted for her the universal development processes in children regardless of their differential experiences. Working with third graders, she and her students have formed each other through song and dance, crayon forms and cursive letters, doubt and confidence, relationships, discord and harmony.

Kelly Morrow

Fourth Grade Teacher
Kelly has been recognized as a loving authority who can see each individual while cultivating the whole within a class. Kelly is a knowledgeable, articulate, and enthusiastic public speaker. She brings a positive attitude and sense of humor to her work within the school.

Jesse Bedirian

Fifth and Sixth Grades Teacher
Jesse has had a lifelong interest in the lives of children, and as a teacher enjoys nothing more than getting to know and supporting each unique student.

Adrienne Chapman

Seventh Grade Teacher
Adrienne enjoys bringing her love of farming, gardening and outdoor education into the curriculum and supporting our working with the farmers on our land.