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Wholesome Food Services caters Hot Lunches for Boulder Valley Waldorf School

Wholesome Food Services offers:

  • Local and organic items whenever possible
  • No high fructose corn syrup or trans-fats and minimal additives and preservatives
  • 99.83% order accuracy resulting from our cross-check processes
  • Each order prepared individually
  • Over 100 selections per week

Ordering is so easy and registration takes just a couple moments:

1. Go to www.wholesomefoodservices.com
2. Select “Register Here” (no charge or obligation)
3. Set up child’s profile (select “add profile”)
4. Menus and ordering will be available on Oct 27th. Select “order now” to place orders. Orders may be placed by 1pm the day before and up to 60 days in advance. If needed, orders may be cancelled up until 8am the morning of the lunch
5. Enter your credit/debit card information or use a Pay Pal account to pay for your meals in our secure credit card processing system.

RETURNING PARENTS: If you ordered in the past and this is the first time you are ordering this school year, once you log in you will need to update your profile and change your child’s grade from N/A to “blank”. Hit save and you are ready to order!

More information? Please contact support@wholesomefoodservices.com  or (720) 280-2995

Boulder Valley Waldorf School

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