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Middle School

With Boulder Valley Waldorf School’s K-8 program there is gradual release of responsibilty across the grades, as such there is not such a jarring experience for the middle schooler, but a continuation of growth into the upper grades. Nonetheless, the Middle School Student is characterized by a growing independence. He/she is no longer satisfied with goodness, beauty and truth as judged by another, but rather is keen to explore his/her relationship with these high ideals. The Boulder Valley Waldorf Middle School Faculty and Staff partner with parents to provide an environment of support and strength to meet the growing expectations of the adolescent. The BVWS middle school provides a curriculum that validates the experience of adolescence and provides schoolwork with real connections to the outer world.

Middle School students at Boulder Valley Waldorf School are exposed to more special subjects as their world expands. The relationship with the Class Teacher continues to be important in Middle School, but the student forms stronger relationships with more Special Subject Teachers and handles a more varied set of subjects; he/she is expected to commit more time to schoolwork, do more homework, and manage his or her time more independently.

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