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Eighth Grade

Main Lesson Curriculum


The study of geography expands to include Asia, Australia, and Antarctica. The lessons become more ambitious by encompassing the world through various approaches chosen by the teacher.


The Eighth Grade history curriculum strives to span the time from Elizabethan England through the 20th century by looking at the social, political and economic climates surrounding revolutions through individual biographies, art, literature and pertinent readings. Aspects of American history (The Revolutionary War, the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, Civil and World Wars) become familiar territory. The history of revolutions and its world-wide impact is also explored. WW1 and WW11 may be included in this study of current affairs.

Language Arts

Eighth graders learn to edit their writing, summarize written work, and solidify their grammar skills (passive and active verbs, direct and indirect objects, clauses and phrases, pronouns). The spoken work continues with more oral reports including biographies, modern history, and geography. Poetry continues to be a lively part of the main lesson. The class play is often Shakespeare or a modern play with rich use of language. Each individual now begins to understand a point of view and the dramatic themes used in acting.


Much of our Eighth Grade math main lessons are dedicated to the traditional topics covered in Eighth Grade including volumes (solid geometry), proportions, as well as pre-algebra and algebra.


In Eighth Grade physics, students learn how certain concepts are applied to technology or natural systems. The content areas (heat, light, electricity and acoustics) are deepened and now include motors, and the study of pressure (hydraulic and pneumatic). Organic chemistry includes an overview of previous work with sugars, starches, proteins, fats and oils. Human anatomy from the perspective of the musculoskeletal system is studied. The anatomy of the ear and the eye is also often taught at this time. Eighth Graders may continue the study of meteorology.

Subjects outside of main lesson include: World Languages, Strings/Band, Choir, Drawing & Sculpting, Woodworking, Handwork, and Eurythmy.

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