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Storycamp 2018

1st – 7th grade  |  8:30 – 3:30 Monday-Friday

Storycamp is an open classroom, a project based approach to education that is implicitly child directed and welcomes teachers as co-creators of summer adventure. We provide opportunities to overcome physical and intellectual challenges so that kids build confidence.

The driving forces of our curriculum are play-based, but the intention within that is deeply considered. Primary elements include: connection with nature, circus art, sustainable building, and theater. Storycamp seeks to embolden children, to encourage curiosity and build fresh relationships with a rapidly evolving world. Our activities are designed to facilitate embodiment, vast imagination and the ability to respond creatively and empathetically in moments of spontaneous interaction (i.e. play). 

We have a 38-acre campus with a cottonwood forest and open space.  We venture out on a variety field trips.  Our instructors are professional artists and experienced educators who have worked with children throughout the world.


Space Bugs!: June 11th – June 15th. Become your own hero. Make a map of the lands you imagine. In this world we will learn to speak with animals, ride horses, develop skills specific to your character and with a team of champions, overcome the darkness that threatens our freedom.
Trash to Transportation: June 18th – June 22nd  Once again we delve into a world of possibility, creating opportunities for invention, technological development and artistic expression with what we throw away. This time around, let’s make and fix things that move – bicycles, skateboards, hoverboards, old buses?
Journey to Mount Mythos: June 25th – June 29th. Become part of our circus troop when we design a performance that is served alongside a thrilling menu. Create a wild costume and curate a lunchtime dinner theater that may have a spooky twist! Puppetry, aerial dance, juggling, unicycling, partner acrobatics, and cooking.
Circus As You Like It: July 9th – July 13th Connect with nature and learn skills that help you take care of yourself in the wild. This year we will again venture into the mountains to learn what plants are edible, how to build fires, archery, knot-tying, structure building and more.
Survive in the Wild: July 16th – July 20th  This is an opportunity for girls to connect and build confidence in nature.
Wild at Heart: July 29th – July 30th.  Swimming, boating, aerial, hiking, building, archery, performance for the community!
Sleep Away Camp: visit Storycamp website!

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