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Every year on the first Saturday of October, BVWS hosts the Harvest Faire. Brought to you by our amazing parent volunteers, Harvest Faire is a day full of fun and connections for the whole BVWS community. Boulder Valley Waldorf School hosts the Michaelmas Pageant, as well as games, activities, entertainment and food trucks during this Autumnal celebration. Each grade has a role to play in the pageant, and every class spends the first few weeks of the new Fall school year preparing their costumes and performances for the Harvest Faire.

Michaelmas is the festival of courage, of girding oneself for the journey into Winter’s darkness. Our grade school students open the day with a pageant, performed for the whole community. The festival is celebrated midway between the northern hemisphere’s summer and winter solstices. As summer’s warmth fades, and the cool crispness of autumn falls upon us, mother nature’s fruits and vegetables ripen for harvesting. These gifts help sustain us through the dark cold days of winter and remind us to summon our own gifts and inner strength to help balance our internal light with the darkness of the season. A celebration of strength and courage, of facing dragons both internal and external, Michaelmas is a great time to ponder our own inner dragons and to cultivate the courage and strength necessary for self-development.

After the pageant, the festival is opened to families and friends of Waldorf to enjoy games, crafting, face painting, food trucks and live music. Craft sales are provided by parents and the proceeds go towards the cost of the Faire, and to the overall enrichment of BVWS. Harvest Faire is our first big school-wide event of the year, and we cherish this tradition as a way to build community and uplift our students and families.