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Please fill out the form below to let us know what would work for your family so that you can visit the classrooms where your child might be best suited. Generally the morning is the best time to visit the school to experience a variety of classrooms. Tours are most appropriate for grown-ups and babes-in-arms.

Parent and Faculty are meeting virtually so that we can keep our cohorts in person!

We are prioritizing in-person learning for our children. For other community events, enrollment tours and business matters we are meeting online or by phone!

This unusual year, students are staying in their unique classroom cohorts.

Lessons are taking place both in our outdoor and indoor classrooms on the expansive 38-acre campus.

In fifth grade history, examples of ancient cultures, along with experiences from everyday life, are explored starting with Ancient India, followed by Ancient Persia, Egypt, Assyria, and Ancient Greece.

Geography is continued in ever widening circles to the study of North America. Where the study of history leads to an understanding of the inner nature of humanity, geography leads us into the wide spaces.

Watch a short video of the 1st – 8th grades at Boulder Valley Waldorf School!

Middle School is a time of impressive change! The rich Waldorf curriculum engages children as they grow and mature. During a time when they are becoming more aware of their bodies, middle schoolers study human physiology. Once this science unit is completed, the students move on to study the Renaissance Period in social studies and in art the beauty of the human form. The Renaissance was a flourishing period of exploration: a rebirth of human thought with a rush of bold ideas from artists, scientists and philosophers. In many ways, this era mirrors the inner world of the adolescent.

Watch this short video of the Preschool and Kindergarten, the Early Childhood program, at Boulder Valley Waldorf School!

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