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Second Grade Teacher 2020-21

Courtney has a special passion for place-based education, weaving together the unique natural and cultural context through story, movement and art. The diversity of her life’s experiences have prepared her to be a highly competent and innovative teacher.



  • M.A., Art History (Summa Cum Laude) American University; Washington, DC
  • B.A., Sociology, Religious Studies (Summa Cum Laude)
 Eastern University; St. Davids, PA


  • English & Movement Teacher (Grades 1-6) Escuela Caracol; San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala
  • European Geography Main Lesson Teacher (Grades 5-6);  Grammar & Writing Main Lesson Teacher (Grades 4-5)
  • Lead Kindergarten Teacher Escuela Caracol, Guatemala
  • Development Director Escuela Caracol, Guatemala
  • Substitute Teacher Boulder Valley School District; Boulder, CO
  • Private Math Tutor & Spanish Language Cooking Instructor Sacramento, CA

As a teacher, Courtney brings both enthusiasm and authority. She is curious, inventive and flexible, and has a natural rapport with children of all ages. While bringing a loving yet commanding presence to the classroom, Courtney creates the expectation of a strong sense of community wherein the students are inspired to self-regulate.

While living in Guatemala, Courtney founded Escuela Caracol, Guatemala’s first Waldorf school and the most established Waldorf school in Central America. The school was founded in 2007 with the intercultural mission to serve both the local indigenous Maya community as well as the international families in the area. Her work at Escuela Caracol included teaching in the kindergarten and the primary grades, mentoring young teachers, directing school administration, and serving on the school board.

Courtney moved with her family to Boulder two years ago after living in Guatemala for the previous 11 years. She is eager to put down strong roots in Colorado and excited about the journey ahead at BVWS.