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Enrollment Paperwork

Required for all students each year:

    • Contract for 2019/20 School Year (coordinate with Admissions Office)
    • Student Information Form (emergency contact details updates through bigSIS)
    • Permissions (permission updates through bigSIS)
    • Immunization Electronic Certificate  (and instructions on how to complete certificate or exemptions with your doctor)

Medical Forms are needed if your child is 6 years old or younger or if your child has any special medical requirements (check in the office if you are not sure):

  • Health Appraisal  (to be completed by your child’s physician every year only if your child is in Early Childhood or has a medical action plan***)

Boulder Valley Waldorf School is committed to following the laws of the State of Colorado’s pertaining to schools, health forms, and immunization records. Colorado’s Immunization Certificate (or exemption form) must be completed for every student each year. Students without the proper records on file may not attend school. Health Appraisals must be completed by a physician for every year of Pre-K and Kindergarten, as well as before first grade. All newly-enrolled students, regardless of grade, must submit a Health Appraisal form upon enrollment. Further, all Middle School students who plan to participate in a sport are required to have a  physician’s health appraisal each year with explicit permission for the sport. The timeline for physicals is subject to State Law and can change. (More information about Immunization Timetable for Preschool or K-8 children is available from Department of Health).

Additonial forms (as applicable):


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