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Faculty & Staff 2023-2024 School Year

The Boulder Valley Waldorf School is proud to employ a dynamic and accomplished faculty that is deeply invested in student success. Please click on the teacher photos below to read more about individual educational background, experience and guiding philosophy as a teacher!

Class Teachers – Elementary and Middle School

Jamie Little

Grades Director Jamie is thrilled to be part of a dynamic education that recognizes students for who they are. Working in Waldorf education, Jamie brings with her a full circle of Waldorf experience, having attended Waldorf schools growing up.

Ashley Bradley

First Grade Teacher Ashley loves learning! Her greatest joy in life is seeing others light up when they understand something new. 

Sierra Bouchard

Second Grade Teacher Sierra is passionate about how Waldorf Education. Sierra believes that children’s growth and learning benefits from a life-long relationship with the natural world and that this relationship will promote the values of environmental stewardship that our planet needs.

Rebecca Arnold

Third Grade Teacher  Rebecca loves inspiring children’s imaginations through art, music and storytelling, igniting a love of learning.

Chris Delgado

Fourth Grade Teacher Chris is excited to support a full class of students as their primary teacher and forge deep relationships with opportunities for student growth. Building supportive teams to stage collaborative productions is a specialty.


Renee Lambo-Barnes

Fifth Grade Teacher An experienced teacher, mentor and consultant, Renee is excited to share her passion for mathematics with younger students. Renee and her students revel in fresh and lively experiences discovering patterns in nature and exploring through stories and physical activities.

Martina Simunek-Suarez

Sixth Grade Teacher Martina was first introduced to the Waldorf philosophy years ago by her cousin, who, just like Rudolf Steiner and Martina herself, grew up in a little town in Lower Austria. After a whirlwind year back in Europe teaching at the Freie Waldorfschule Wien West, Martina is back with some new ideas!

Scott Barnes

Seventh Grade Teacher Scott Barnes loves working with adolescent students knowing that to guide and inspire children is such a privilege…

Ralph Doane

Eighth Grade Teacher Ralph is flexible and skilled at maintaining a sense of humor. As a middle school teacher, Ralph believes strongly in creating a stimulating learning environment in which students can develop to their full potential.

Kindergarten & Preschool – Early Childhood

Fanny Delaporte

Preschool Marigold Teacher Fanny Delaporte’s deep understanding of the developing child guides her work with students and as a parent educator. Fanny is dedicated to inclusion of all students and helping families and children in challenging developmental phases.

Stephanie Sabatini

Bluebell Lead Teacher Stephanie has established herself as a dedicated teacher, with a warm and nurturing aura that is brought to the children.


Jennifer Palmer-Powell Early Childhood Lead Teacher

Jennifer Palmer

Lavender Lead Teacher   Jennifer considers herself a life-long learner, deeply interested in expanding the potential of our kindergarten programs to continue to meet the unique and ever-changing needs of our young friends.

Gabrielle Cervin

Kindergarten Sunflower Lead Teacher Gabriella sees Waldorf teaching as a calling. She is a natural communicator and fabulous storyteller who can bring a hushed reverence and meaningful woven tale to even the most everyday of experiences!

Samantha Galloway

Early Childhood Director  Samantha is a passionate educator with a strong background in supporting all kinds of learners. She takes great pride in organizational and time management skills when working to support the students, families and colleagues.