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2020-2021 School Year

The Boulder Valley Waldorf School is proud to employ a dynamic and accomplished faculty that is deeply invested in student success.

Lower Grades Class Teachers

Kelly Morrow

First Grade Teacher
Kelly has been recognized as a loving authority who can see each individual while cultivating the whole within a class. Kelly is a knowledgeable, articulate, and enthusiastic public speaker. She brings a positive attitude and sense of humor to her work within the school.

Courtney Hissong Wilson

Second Grade Teacher
Courtney has a special passion for place-based education, weaving together the unique natural and cultural context through story, movement and art. The diversity of her life’s experiences have prepared her to be a highly competent and innovative Waldorf teacher.

Martina Simunek-Suarez

Third Grade Teacher
Martina was first introduced to the Waldorf philosophy years ago by her cousin, who, just like Rudolf Steiner and Martina herself, grew up in a little town in Lower Austria. After a whirlwind year back in Europe teaching at the Freie Waldorfschule Wien West, Martina is back with some new ideas!

Upper Grades Class Teachers

Sara Pironti

Fifth Grade Teacher
Sara has long had a passion for education and an international outlook. She has taught across the world including in Argentina, China, Brazil and her native Italy. Sara has published two novels and is fluent in French and Italian. Passionate about both art and education, Sara was deeply inspired when she first encountered Waldorf education.

Karl Johnson

Sixth Grade Teacher
Karl has been a Waldorf educator for over 40 years. He enjoys how the depth and complexity that the middle school curriculum inspires adolescents. 

Ralph Doane

Seventh Grade Teacher
Ralph Flexible and skilled at maintaining a sense of humor, Ralph believes strongly in creating a stimulating learning environment in which students can develop to their full potential.

Early Childhood Teachers

Jennifer Powell-Palmer

Lavender Lead Teacher
Jennifer considers herself a life-long learner, deeply interested in expanding the potential of our kindergarten programs to continue to meet the unique and ever-changing needs of our young friends.

Julie Voss

Marigold Lead Teacher

Julie sees Waldorf methods as both revolutionary and traditional at the same time – sometimes simple traditions of human interaction can be revolutionary in this complicated world! Julie finds deep wisdom in observing nature’s quieter revelations. She encourages the young child to spend time in those moments.


Rachel Nielsen

Sunflower Lead Teacher
As an early childhood educator, Rachel feels it is equally important to work with parents and provide them with the same nurturing, guidance, and warmth as the children.