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Parent Association

The Parent Community provides vital support to the school and the faculty. As René Querido, one of Boulder Valley’s founders, expressed it, the parents provide a “mantle of warmth” around the Board of Trustees and the Faculty. Parents make the school possible, not only because they send their children, but because they have the willingness to serve and raise funds which are critical activities for all independent schools.

Members of the parent community eagerly take responsibility for committee work with faculty members and Board members. Parents are instrumental in coordinating and providing both individual class and school-wide social activities which generate goodwill, deepen the understanding of Waldorf education, and promote the growth of the school community.

 Parents share the responsibility for creating and sustaining the life and culture of the school. The parent/teacher relationship is critical to the well-being of the individual child. Parents and teachers support and enhance the growth and development of the children collectively through conversation and mutual support.