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Overview of Fundraising

At Boulder Valley Waldorf School we are pioneering! With our Sensible Tuition Model, we are fully funding our programs and teachers! All of your school payments go into your child’s classroom… so this year is the first one in the history of the school where we won’t be running an Annual Fund; we won’t be asking for you to donate on top of paying tuition. This is a huge strategic shift.

Many hands make light work…and more affordable tuition! Each year, the service hours completed by parents contribute greatly to keeping our affordable tuition model alive. Yearly, these service hours equate to more than $250,000! Speak with your class teacher, class parent, the office, or browse the calendar below to find out what volunteer opportunities are available.

If you are interested in donating to our school’s general fund, please donate here to add to our programming and school improvements!

Middle Schoolers also fundraise for 8th grade activities, learn more about Winter Wreaths 




See our Events Page for Upcoming Festivals and events open to all!