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Here at Boulder Valley Waldorf School we have 38 acres of land. Our 5-acre “inner campus” includes our school buildings, play yards, and gardens. We have 32 acres of agricultural land and open space for regular “field” trips, including the shady cottonwoods to the north. The three main farm fields are managed by Aspen Moon Farms following organic and biodynamic practices by master farm manager Jason Griffith.

About Aspen Moon Farms

At Aspen Moon Farms we build incredible landscapes and grow delicious produce!  We are proud to say that we approach our landscaping and farming 100% naturally, no pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or anything questionable. We are committed to using the most sustainable practices in every aspect of our business. We use quality local materials, reuse plastic pots and trays, recycle/reuse landscape materials like concrete and the list goes on.  Our landscaping business is known for its use of native plant material, subsurface drip irrigation and quality materials.  At the farm, we practice Biodynamic farming and old-fashioned holistic methods. Owner-Operator Jason Griffith has over 10 years experience operating a landscape company in Boulder County.

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