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Bold Sensible Tuition Model… Same Inspiring Education

Boulder Valley Waldorf School pioneers a sensible tuition model with a bold commitment that:

  • Makes affordable tuition and inspiring education available for more families.
  • Is fiscally responsible for the school community.
  • Has all tuition going to your child’s education.
  • Means budgeting is predictable for families.
  • invites healthy enrollment for a vibrant community.

TUITION For Upcoming 2021-22 School Year

1st–8th Grades:    

$11,350 + fees

Now enrolling for in-person or distance learning!

Pre-school & Kindergarten:

Annual Tuition and Fees

5-day,3-day, 2-day programs available!

Please contact enrollment@bvwaldorf.org for more information

Boulder Valley Waldorf School (BVWS) has pioneered a “Sensible Tuition Model” designed to offer private education for a wider range of Boulder Valley families. In 2016, the BVWS Board of Trustees announced a significant reduction in annual tuition rates for the 2016/17 academic year and a commitment to hold the new rates steady for at least three years. Robust enrollment growth since 2013 has inspired the new tuition model, as the school increases its vibrancy, diversity and educational reach. The Sensible Tuition Model benefits families who desire an exceptional private school education for their children and a stable tuition structure to maximize their budgeting. The 2016/2017 tuition for a middle-school student was approximately 62% of the previous year’s cost.

Boulder Valley’s growing enrollment numbers and broader community contributions have enabled the school to fund capital improvements including biodynamic farming projects, fountains, landscaping, and building upgrades on an expansive 38-acre campus. Investments in experienced, Waldorf-trained faculty and innovative programming for a rigorous, engaging curriculum are ongoing, and include strong academics as well as diverse subject classes such as Chinese, German, handwork, woodwork, music, and visual arts for children of preschool age through the eighth grade.

With a 26-year history in Boulder County educating pre-Kindergarten through eighth grade students, BVWS is fortunate to be in the position to take this rather unprecedented action of leveling tuition rates to stay around a more affordable rate of about $10,000 per year.  Welcoming more children into our community offers a win-win scenario for the school and families.


“Financially speaking, we were on the fence about sending our second child to Boulder Valley. Now we can afford to send both of our children for practically the price of sending one!”

“I will be paying less tuition and donating more (tax deductible). I am pleased that my donation to the Scholarship Fund will make it possible for more students to get this great education! ”

“Last year we were accepting Tuition Assistance – this year we will be able to pay Full Tuition for both our children.”