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This spring, we are beginning PLAYGROUND UPGRADES PHASE II… and we have a donor who will MATCH your donation so your dollars go further! Read more…

At Boulder Valley Waldorf School we are pioneering! With our Sensible Tuition Model, we are fully funding our programs without the need for an annual fund drive, unlike most independent schools.

We feel so grateful to be part of this independent not-for-profit 501(c)(3) school operating in person throughout this pandemic. We have small class sizes and 38 acres with separated buildings, with no shared corridors or large common bathrooms! All these physical features as well as a wonderfully creative pioneering faculty, staff and parent body mean that we are maximizing student academic and social-emotional growth, and engaging all students in learning in the safest way.

We appreciate every gift given to BVWS!

Generous Donations
​Tuition dollars pay for the education; volunteer hours build a strong community and help us maintain facilities. For those who are able, donations help us thrive and grow