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Colorado Child Care Tax Credit

Boulder Valley Waldorf School  is a not-for-profit 503(c)(3) independent school.  Your donation supports programming and school improvements for children in preschool through eighth grade.

Donations for BVWS of $1,000 and above are eligible for the little-known Colorado Child Care Tax Credit (CCCTC), which has the potential to greatly reduce the cost of your donation.  For donors living and filing taxes in the state of Colorado, the CCCTC offers a 50% state tax credit on top of your federal tax deduction regardless of whether you federally itemize.

Many families have leverage a little-known Colorado tax credit to considerably reduce State taxes when donating specifically to schools such as BVWS. It is known as the Colorado Child Care Tax Credit (CCCTC)For any family that donates $1,000 or more we can supply a CCCTC letter so you can claim the credit. Depending on your tax situation, a $1,500 gift with the CCCTC can impact you much as a $500 gift without the CCCTC, after taxes. (Please see this example for how this might work. This is not tax advice. We ask that you talk to your tax accountant for more information about the CCCTC as it relates to your particular situation.)

An Example of the Colorado Child Care Tax Credit

More details from the State of Colorado

“When I first heard about the CCCTC, the concept seemed very odd to me, so I did a lot of my own research. In the end, everything that I learned supported what BVWS presented to us. I filed my taxes online through H&R Block’s website and the process was very easy – they had a line to enter the credit and the deduction/tax savings worked just as BVWS presented it!” Joshua Roseman past Finance Committee Chairman and BVWS Parent

If you have any questions on supporting the school or the Colorado Child Care Tax Credit (CCCTC), please contact the Ruth Godberfforde at giving@bvwaldorf.org or 303.652.0130.

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