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Season’s Events at Boulder Valley Waldorf School


Overview of the whole School Year

Students and families at Boulder Valley Waldorf observe the passing of the year by celebrating a variety of festivals each school year. Each festival may be observed differently according to the grade and the teacher. Some festivals are celebrated by the whole school.


Parent Work Day - Weekend Day/Families/All-School

Families work together before the school year begins to help the teacher prepare the classroom year ahead. Parents and some students work together to deep clean the classroom, arrange and move furniture, complete light repairs, and set up for the upcoming year. Students are welcome, but not expected, to attend. This is a great way to reconnect and to get to know new families. Often families pack a picnic lunch and spend time socializing.

Back to School Social - Weekend Day/Families/All-School

Families gather to reconnect after the summer and to greet new families. Typically, this is a picnic event. New families have the opportunity to attend a new Family Orientation with FAQ. Yearly paperwork is available for families to complete. 

Red Rose Opening Ceremony - Grades School Day/Families/All-School

The first day of school is a rite of passage for the new first graders, marking the beginning of their journey through grade school. Each first grader receives a rose presented by the eighth-grade students, who welcome the young ones in to the “big” school. 

The Red Rose Ceremony is also a whole-school gathering to introduce our teachers, both new and returning. Not only does this ceremony usher the first graders into the grades, but will welcome all students and families to the school year. Early Childhood families are welcome to attend, but not expected. The teachers open the year with a song and the first-grade teacher begins telling a story and then invites the new first graders to hear the ending in the classroom.

Early Childhood Tea & Open House - Weekday/Families/Early Childhood

Come for 10 minutes or the full hour, whatever your schedule allows! This open house is for children and parents to come see the classroom ready for school. They can find their symbol and their cubby, and begin getting comfortable at school. This is also a good time to put their spare clothes in their cubby and drop off their nap items.

Harvest Faire - Weekend Day/Families/All-School

This autumn event brings the school and extended community together to celebrate the bounty of the harvest. The celebration encompasses a variety of activities for children and adults, food vendors, music, and entertainment.

Halloween Walk - October 31st School Day/All-School students

The Boulder Valley Waldorf students visit the Enchanted Cottonwood Forest and journey through a magical world. Students put on individual presentations and touch hearts with messages of wisdom and humor, as well as images of light that will live on through the cold and dark season of the year. The Halloween Enchanted Cottonwood Forest is a wonder-filled celebration. This enchanting experience is a lovely way for the middle school students to include younger students in a Halloween experience during the school day!

Lantern Walk - Weeknight/Families/EC & Some Lower Grades

As the sun sets earlier and rises later, the world grows darker and the inner light of humankind wants to shine forth. Early childhood children, younger grade children, and parents participate in a Lantern Walk carrying handmade lanterns as they journey across our campus. Children and parents gather as the sun sets. Parents, children, and teachers walk along campus paths into the cold, dark evening and sing traditional lantern songs. 

Winter Spiral - Varies/Families/All-School

Younger students participate in walking in a pine bough spiral path to light a candle. This quiet and simple, yet powerful experience of gradually bringing light into darkness is a memorable one and a favorite of students and parents alike. 

Music Concerts - Varies/Families/Grades 3-8

Musical ensemble of strings, band and choir performed by our students from 3rd-8th Grades.

BVWS Spring Fiesta - Weekend Evening/Parents/All-School

Bringing the parent community together to socialize, enjoy food & drinks, as well as live music at a local brewery or restaurant. 

May Faire - Weekend Day/Families/All-School

The May Faire is a festival for family and neighbors to celebrate the spring! Enjoy the parade to the May Pole and seasonal spring dances. 

Curriculum Showcase - School Day/Parents

The annual curriculum showcase gives parents a little sampler of the many artistic aspects of the curriculum with each class performing several vignettes with highlights from subject classes like Eurythmy, World Languages, and Games.

Eighth Grade Graduation - Weeknight/Families/Grade 8

The graduating 8th Graders are honored in a lovely ceremony created. Parents and friends are invited to share and rejoice in this special event. 

White Rose Ceremony and Closing - Weekday/Families/Grades

The entire school gather for the end of the school year, commemorated by the White Rose Ceremony and Closing. The 1st Grade students, who received red roses from the 8th Graders at the beginning of the year, now give white roses to the graduating 8th Graders as they move on to area high schools. The teachers close the year with a song and a few words, and the students return to class for a celebration and packing. 

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