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Across the globe, health care professionals are embracing the health benefits associated with engaging with the arts. Whether you are singing, dancing, engaging with fine art or music, both mental and physical health benefits have been shown to result. In the U.K., a “social prescribing” movement is underway and doctors are using the arts as a supplemental prescription for ailments ranging from dementia to lung conditions. Read more from Meilan Solly in their recent article “British Doctors May Soon Prescribe Art, Music, Dance, Singing Lessons” published on Smithsonian.com.

Incorporating creativity and the arts into daily life is one of the foundations of the Waldorf Way. At BVWS, we believe that it is important for our curriculum to offer a rich balance of academics, art, music, drama, handwork and movement – a curriculum that is lively and current, with both a local and global focus. Our curriculum and our teaching methods strengthen the imagination and foster creativity in our students: creativity in artistic expression and creative, free thinking warmed and infused with the passion and will to discover truth, beauty and goodness in the world. We believe it is important to focus on the integration of artistic activity with academic instruction at all ages.  By fusing artistic and academic instruction we promote more complete learning, thorough retention and engender a deep love in the students for their subjects. We strive to inspire our students with an appreciation for beauty and a desire to create beauty.  Art, music and movement are all modalities for making deep connections with subject content and expressing what students are learning.

The Boulder Valley Waldorf curriculum views music as a vital contributor to the child’s development. The study of music engages both sides of the brain as it develops focus, discipline, collaboration, communication, creative expression, and physical co-ordination. Music is, all at once, an acoustical science, mathematical, a study of history, a foreign language and, above all, an art that expresses the spiritual and emotional qualities of being human. Music supports the festival life of Boulder Valley Waldorf School, and all assemblies during the school year are infused with musical offerings. Two all-music concerts are presented per year, one during the Winter Holiday season, and one towards the end of the school year. The students are always eager to showcase their well-rounded, developing musical skills.


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