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Technology Can Wait

A developer that won’t teach his kids to code, an employee of Google whose 5th grader doesn’t know how to “google” something… What is going on here? Although technology is the bread and butter of these high-tech parents, they have realized that exposing children to...

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The Benefits of Boredom

Think back to your childhood. Was every minute filled with stimulation and structured activity? Probably not. What happened when you got bored? It's likely that your imagination kicked in! Speech-Language Therapist, Nikki Heyman, writes in a recent blog post, "We are...

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Boulder Valley Waldorf School Joins the Circus!

Movement and the arts have long been part of the pedagogy of Waldorf schools.  Whether circle activities accompanied by singing in the classroom, the intriguing art of Eurythmy, or games and gymnastics, the curriculum initiated by Rudolf Steiner in the early twentieth...

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“Go outside, it will make you stronger!”

“Go outside, it will make you stronger!” ~Words spoken by a very wise woman By Heidi Burke  (see parts of this article featured in BizWest) When I was a child growing up in a rural setting north of Milwaukee Wisconsin, I spent many days during all seasons playing...

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