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Early Childhood in-person, five days a week for 2020-21

We understand that the in-person preschool and kindergarten are vital for the community! It is what we are here for!

Early Childhood programs are in-person this Fall (after our summer session restarted in June). While maintaining all the warmth and care you are accustomed to, we are following all new guidelines from county health and licensing departments. On our 38-acre campus and our EC play-yards, we are spending the lots of time each day outside. We feel so grateful to be part of this independent school – with small class sizes and a 38-acre campus! We have separated indoor classrooms, with no big shared corridors or large common bathrooms! All these physical features as well as a wonderfully creative pioneering faculty, staff and parent body mean that we are well set up to care for children during these unusual times!

PHASE A: Regular Early Childhood Programming

This is what we expecting throughout this year: Early Childhood children in our preschool and kindergarten in-person classrooms, following new Health guidelines and with our regular small class-sizes (same as last year).
Programming and child class-sizes will be very similar to last year, when school is in regular session. Tuition prices are the same as they were planned in March. There will be a one-time COVID fee of $500 to account for slight staffing changes and cleaning requirements. Temporary shutdowns are expected if and when anyone in a room tests positive; we use that time for a deep clean. 

Phase B: County-Limited EC Programming

If Licensing or Health Departments should require that, due to COVID-19 health guidelines, our EC programs will limit the class sizes to below our current licensing limits, we will need to reduce our class-sizes and change our programming to reflect these changes. Note: this scenario is only triggered if the health department limits our enrollment and you can choose to opt in now or not.

Phase C: Distance Learning; Optional and available for those who choose

If at any point during the coming school year BVWS is shut down again, you will not be required to pay. If we are shut down for more than three days due to Covid in this coming school year, you will get a prorated credit to your Smart Tuition account for each day after the third. Note: Distance learning for EC will only be offered to those who sign up.

Our state licensed Early childhood program works with different expectations that the school-aged programs, as it is considered part of “essential services” in response to our current circumstances. While the EC program is an important part of the whole school, it operates under a license that is separate from the grades school program. WIth that distinction and the unique support it provides, we will have the ability to be working closely with our licensing and health advisors to respond to incidents of potential exposure on a case by case basis.

New Procedures to be Aware of:

– Teachers will be wearing masks. EC children are not required to wear masks, but it is encouraged if they tolerate it well.
– Parents are asked to take their child’s temperature before leaving in the morning. A temperature of 100.4 or higher means they will need to stay home.
– Each child also has a quick health check at drop off each morning. This is a few questions for the parents and checking the child’s temperature with a contactless thermometer.
– Drop-off and pick-up are outside the playyard and parents are not allowed in the building. A teacher will be at the drop-off location to greet your child and escort them to their class.
– In the case of a COVID-19 exposure, that classroom will have to shut down for 24-48 hours for a deep clean and disinfecting. All cases will be reported to the health department and our families.
–  Family style, serve-from-the-table, meals are prohibited at this time so we are serving “kindergarten snack” by plating at the counter to serve directly to each child.

Questions? Please contact EC Director at earlychildhood@bvwaldorf.org

Health, Well-being and Safety

  • Student Cohorts
  • Health Screening
  • Physical Distancing
  • Increased, cleaning and disinfecting
  • Essential protective gear

Guiding Principles

  • Ensure health, well-being and safety of all students, faculty and community members
  • Maximize student academic and social-emotional growth
  • Provides support to faculty 
  • Assure operational and financial sustainability 

Jeff Zayach, Boulder County Public Health Executive Director on in-person learning:

“At this time Boulder County Public Health continues to support in person learning for Pre-K through 12thgrade, to the extent it’s possible for schools to implement. The importance of in-person learning has been well-documented and we understand that there have already been major impacts on students because of the school closures in the spring. We have worked in close partnership with our education partners throughout the entirety of this pandemic and have had the opportunity to review reopening plans and build out systems and strategies to support in person learning while reducing risk. We know that all of our educational institutions, both private and public, have had to make unimaginably difficult decisions as they weigh how to best serve students, staff and families. Both St. Vrain and Boulder Valley School Districts worked really hard to offer in person learning but are not able to in major part because of the disruption that would be caused in schools due to the outbreak requirements from the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment.   While at this time it is not possible for our larger school districts in Boulder County to offer in person learning, we understand that many of our smaller institutions will be able to offer this to students and should. We make this statement at this time knowing that there is no way to guarantee zero risk, we will continue to monitor data and share new research related to disease spread in children and will adjust our recommendations as necessary.” Aug 5th 2020