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Gabriella Cervin – Kindergarten Lead Teacher (5&6 year olds) 2022-23

Gabriella Cervin sees Waldorf teaching as a calling, and has spent more than 30 years working with young children. She is a natural communicator and fabulous storyteller who can bring a hushed reverence and meaningful woven tale to even the most everyday of experiences! In Gabriella’s work with children, she blends the creative, the physical and the useful. Gabriella was raised with respect for nature and an active outdoor life. She is excited to lead children in doing within an enriching environment and bringing about healthy growth.

Gabriella grew up in the northern part of Sweden, in the world of the Sami Laplanders, the indigenous people of the north. She completed her teacher training in Stockholm, Sweden and remained teaching in Stockholm for many years.  She and her husband then traveled around the world for an entire year, studying native tribes and healing arts before settling in San Francisco, California. Gabriella founded a Swedish School for children ages 6 -12, sponsored by the Swedish Department of Education. After a decade in San Francisco, she and her family moved to Boulder, Colorado. Gabriella taught at Boulder Valley Waldorf School since 2002 as both as a kindergarten assistant and lead teacher and at summer camps. She has also worked with older preschool and kindergartners at the Waldorf-style Blue Sky and Cottontail preschools locally before returning to Boulder Valley Waldorf School. For this past year, Gabriella has worked in the BVWS Early Childhood program as an assistant, substitute, and Summer Camp Program Lead, and also with the 1st and 2nd graders in music, arts, crafts, storytelling, nature studies and assisting in 1st grade main lessons.

Gabriella is also a fiber artist, designing and making Scandinavian Folk art.

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