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Welcome, Lady Spring!

In a typical year, students at Boulder Valley Waldorf School honor Lady Spring with dances around the May Pole and songs for the whole community. Usually celebrated on May 1st, May Day is an ancient festival of spring. Throughout the years, there have been many different events and festivities worldwide, most with the express purpose of welcoming in a change of season; that is spring in the Northern Hemisphere! This year, our community forms many smaller circles as families gather around their make-shift May poles, but there is no limit to how far our hearts and thoughts can go. Embracing all the dear children, parents, grandparents, families, colleagues, faculty and staff of Boulder valley Waldorf School, we wish you a very happy Spring!

Historically, May Day celebrations were to honor the changing of the seasons, from darkness to light, and that a tree (the symbol of the “tree of life” and of the great strength and vitality of nature) was used in the ritual. The May Faire is a joyful colorful festival of spring. Unlike Halloween, its polar opposite, May Day brings with it the promise of rebirth and the returning of spring.

The Streams in the Mountains & Sweet the Evening Air of May

by Frau Simunek | Happy May for Lady Spring!

May Day Baskets:

May baskets are small baskets usually filled with flowers or treats, left at someone’s door.

Simple cones or May Day Baskets

Making a May Crown or Flower chains:

Make a braided crown out of fabric strips or raffia (or find headband) and attach flowers with ribbon or string!  Braid CrownFlower chain


May Songs and Dances:

Use the video and audio files above!

Here is sheet music

Interested in other ways to connect with the community?

Join BVWS in our community activities and art projects!

There are all kinds of neighborhood scavenger hunts that an excellent way for you and your child to stay connected with their friends and neighbors during social distancing! We are joining our Denver Waldorf School neighbors (who inspired this project) and invite families to participate in paper star-making! Hang one of these in your window and join Waldorf families across the continent as a gesture of community during this time of COVID-19.


Rainbow Window Star Project