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Second Grade

In Second Grade, the teacher continues to build the creative powers of speaking, thinking and doing! The children have more awareness of the world around them. After the fairy tales in first grade, second graders will hear fables and legends and learn heroic stories. The fables aim to satisfy the children’s deep interest in the animal kingdom and in nature. The legends present them with human striving and highlight the noblest qualities of humans. Hero tales offer the children examples of men and women who have faced difficulties as a result of their striving.

These stories provide the context out of which come the practical skills of reading and writing. The key sentences or ideas are taken from the stories and carefully entered into the Main Lesson project books, taking material of real substance to further the traditional academic skills of reading and writing. Form drawing will flow into cursive writing. This kind of writing, new to the children, will take much practice.

Math skills continue to grow. More complex work is introduced with the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Children practice multiplication tables while students continue with real-world examples, gradually concrete counting objects will be removed, as students begin to rely more and more on working with memories and in the abstract.

Music, movement, handwork and foreign language will all continue, gradually becoming more complex. Goodness, beauty and truth in what is said, heard and done continue to be the guide and goal.