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BVWS Spring Distance Learning

Our school, as with Waldorf education around the world, has converted to distance learning from home! We focus on developmentally appropriate and meaningful experiences for children - learning activities that are inspired by what your child would experience at school but with a manageable balance of more independent and creative work. Social experiences are woven into the day using technology as a tool.

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BVWS Distance Learning


Waldorf education around the world, as with BVWS, has converted to distance learning from home! While this may be surprising, we are able to adapt and stay close to our philosophies. Here at school, we focus on developmentally appropriate and meaningful experiences for children.

Even in Distance Learning we are true to our educational approach! Learning (and teaching) are relationship-based activities! Waldorf distance learning about how our educators remain available and connected with students and parents.

It might be overwhelming for parents to consider their child’s education when school buildings are closed. And our teachers are here to help! BVWS teachers are dedicated to delivering quality Waldorf learning activities that are inspired by what your child would experience at school but with a manageable balance of more independent and creative work. Social experiences are woven into the day using technology as a tool. At BVWS we are incorporating limited use of technology, including email, recorded audio and video, teleconferencing, and Google Classroom for organizing class materials.

As we adopt a Waldorf approach to distance education, we know you'll have questions. We will update this page with parent resources and frequently asked questions.



Why is BVWS taking a different approach than local districts?

Why is BVWS taking a different approach than local districts?

As of today we are continuing to plan for a start to the school year with in-person instruction. Why is BVWS taking a different approach than local districts?
Ultimately it comes down to size and facilities. We will be serving under 100 grades students in an expansive campus and with very small cohorts. At our scale we can implement and sustain all of the State and County mandated safety standards in a way that a large district—which has to contend with school buses, food services, big shared buildings for a network of schools, each containing 500-3000 students—cannot.

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Reopening Plan – Aug 3rd

Reopening Plan – Aug 3rd

The main question that we are working to answer with this planning is “What will the return to school be like for our students?”   As we have stated in our last few communications, we are committed to offering full days, and full weeks of school instruction on campus, whenever it is possible. And we are working to ensure that our students will be the least affected by the changes we need to make. This means that where possible adults will carry the extra work and care so that, while following best safety practices, students will have the opportunity to learn, play, socialize, and enjoy their childhood.

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Faculty and Staff Gratitude 2020

Faculty and Staff Gratitude 2020

Thank you to the BVWS community! On behalf of all the faculty and staff of BVWS, thank you for all you do! We appreciate your support through thick and thin. This year has presented us with many challenges and obstacles, and we are so grateful to be part of this...

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Frequently Asked Questions

(Updated 15 April 2020)

How do I set up my Google Classroom account?

By now you should have followed instructions to activate your new school account. You will need this invitation in order to set up your account. If you did not receive an invitation, please contact us to resend it.

Are 2020 Summer Camps online now?

4/15/2020 Update on Storycamp 2020:

  • As of now, we are still planning to have camp. If that changes, we will give as much prior notice as possible.
  • In addition to intensifying our hand-washing protocol, we will offer opportunities for the children to process the experiences we have had over the past few months. The character of our curriculum is already set up to hold space for challenging events; through writing, movement, storytelling, theater and quiet time in nature. We have been working with friends in child psychology and psychiatry to better prepare our teachers and staff. 
  • For now, I will be posting interactive videos featuring Storycamp activities to youtube. I’m also available for check-ins with parents and kids. This is a time to share stories, brainstorm activities, and just say hi.

Our kids may be needy now, spun out after screen time, unmoored with disruption to routine, sad, bored, lonely, anxious. All the things we are probably feeling, they are feeling in their own way. They are also still establishing reality. We can learn from that.

Children often live in the imagination which can be a very healing place. They can help us to retell our stories, reframe our experiences, and find the ways in which we are being heroic without knowing it.

The more we can engage our children in play now, encourage them, let them know how important they are in this experience (without putting pressure on them), the softer our landing will be. Please reach out if you have questions, concerns, need support, or would like to connect.

I am not yet enrolled, can I access the BVWS distance learning curriculum?
To see if integrating to our BVWS virtual classrooms makes sense for you and your family at now, or joining us in person when we re-open later this year, contact Ruth at enrollment@bvwaldorf.org.
I am considering sending my child in Fall. Can I schedule a virtual tour now?

Yes. For preK – 8th Grade Applications: Start by filling out your contact details below. Once you click the green “Submit Inquiry” button, a new green button will appear: “Create New Account”. 

Once you create a new account, we will reach out to schedule a virtual tour. 


I have more than one account using Google Classroom on the same computer. How do I create multiple profiles?

Add a “Profile” or "Person" on Chrome (this will enable audio/videos to play)

The Google Chrome browser allows you to be logged in to multiple Google accounts at the same time.

I can't get an audio or video file to play

1. Are you logged into the wrong profile? 

The Google Chrome browser allows you to be logged in to multiple Google accounts at the same time.

2. Are you on a smartphone or tablet? Use the Google Classroom App.

3. Are you using a computer with Windows or Mac? Use Google Chrome.

Make sure you're using Google Chrome to access your Google Classroom.

4. Try downloading the files to your computer.

Click the download icon in the upper right to save it to your PC. Access your downloads folder and play from there.

Download the files to your device and play them from your device interface and not through Google Drive or Classroom.
There are so many different configurations of iPad/Chrome/Safari/using a Chromebook. And we have lots of different solutions. Please ask for detailed help at: https://bvwaldorf.org/helpdesk/
How do I join a Zoom meeting?

You can join a Zoom meeting on your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

See the Zoom website for details on joining Zoom on your device: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362193-Joining-a-Meeting

I don't have a scanner. How do I scan and upload assignments?

Photoscan on Android (by Google Photos) is a free app that you can use to turn your photo/phone into a high powered scanner! 

Download PhotoScan

Adobe Scan is an app that essentially functions as a copy machine on your phone. It uses the camera on your phone, but instead of being a normal picture (with shadows and weird lighting) it recognizes the document and neutralizes the lighting so it looks exactly like a copy machine took a picture of it. You can scan multiple pages into one document. So for instance, you could scan a 10 page document, but it would only show up as one file--very efficient. Once saved, the document is automatically uploaded to the Adobe document cloud, and you can access it as a pdf on your computer. From there, you can save it to your computer and/or send to others. 

Download Adobe Scan

How do I turn in an assignment in Google Classroom?

It’s a good idea to upload all of your work to the Google Drive account linked to your @bvwaldorf GSuite address. This allows you to access your work from any device you’re on. Here’s how to turn in your assignment on Google Classroom. 

  1. Click the class > Classwork > the assignment.
  2. To attach an item:
    • Under Your work, click Add or create > select Google Drive.
    • Navigate to your assignment file and click Upload
    • (Optional) To remove an attachment, next to the attachment’s name, click Remove X
    • (Optional) To add a private comment to your teacher, under Private comments, enter your comment and click Post.
    • Click Turn In and confirm.
    • The status of the assignment changes to Turned in.
How do I mark an assignment as done?

You may have an assignment that doesn’t need anything uploaded. 

Important: Any assignment turned in or marked done after the due date is recorded as late, even if you previously submitted the work before the due date.

  1. Click the class Classwork the assignment.
  2. (Optional) Under Private comments, add a private comment for your teacher and click Post.
  3. Click Mark as done and confirm.
    The status of the assignment changes to Turned in.
How do I access my BVWS Google Classroom?
  • Open GOOGLE CHROME web browser and add a unique school "person" or "profile" using your new school account
  • Navigate to classroom.google.com 
  • Enter your @bvwaldorf account, then click next.
  • Enter your password and click next. 
Using a Mac Computer

Do not use Safari for Google Classroom. Download Google Chrome

Using an iPhone / iPad

Install the Google Classroom App on an iPad (or iPhone)

Using a PC / Chromebook or Amazon Fire Tablet

Download Google Chrome to access Google Classroom

Using an Android phone / tablet

Download the Google Classroom App from the Google Play store or use Google Chrome.