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BVWS Special Appeal 2017

Each year, BVWS works to raise money for a specific project at the school which is one part of our fundraising efforts at the Farm Fiesta.   This year, we are seeking to raise $17,000 to build a fence around an irrigation pond soon to be built on BVWS property.  The majority of the funding for this project will come from government sources secured by Aspen Moon Farms.

The pond will provide a productive water source that will enable Aspen Moon Farms to increase the productivity of the outer agricultural acreage it presently leases from BVWS.  In so doing it will greatly enhance the educational value of the farming operation for our children in the school.

We are so fortunate to be located on a beautiful 38-acre campus in Niwot with a biodynamic farm.  Few Waldorf Schools are able to make that claim.  Our expansive grounds provide our children with ample opportunities for outdoor play and movement.  The farm offers our children the opportunity to see where our food comes from and fully expresses the changing seasons.

Why is the fence needed?

Ponds situated on farms typically do not require fencing.  However, since this farm is located on school property, it is essential – and legally required – that we make it safe for the children.  Whether the children are on farm-related field trips or simply playing and exploring school grounds, we need to be assured that our children will be protected with a well-fenced pond.

A bit of history. Our outer agricultural acreage has been farmed by various organizations over the years.  Two years ago, Aspen Moon Farms began leasing our outer acreage and has worked hard to clean up the property and has cultivated the land to be productive.  These efforts have required countless hours of labor and great financial investment.

Aspen Moon Farms takes a long-term view of the property.  Their vision is to support new farmers through apprenticeships on our land.  This long-term view helps ensure that any investment made on our land will be worth the effort, especially as it relates to supporting biodynamic farming.

Over ninety percent of the financial investment in the farm has been made through government funding.  Aspen Moon has made up the difference with tens of thousands of dollars of their own money.  Thus BVWS has been able to focus on the school and our students, rather than on fund-raising.

Our Special Appeal this year for $17,000 to build the fence will be a great investment for the school, leveraging additional funding from external sources.  Any additional money that we might raise above this amount will be used for BVWS school-related projects.  We would love for you to join us in supporting our school through this special appeal.